Our max akin

The North American barrage of TERA will amore a college akin cap than the aboriginal Korean title.Writing on the official TERA forum, arch ambassador Brian Knox declared that the MMO would barrage with a akin cap of 60, not 58 as is the accepted cap of the Korean version Cheap Blade Soul Gold.This agency accepted akin 58 endgame dungeons will be “shuffled” to advance out agreeable at afterwards levels.

“Our max akin will be 60 so all those 58 max akin dungeons would acquire been a waste. We acquire confused them about – some up and some down,” said Knox.”We will acquire added abundant advice on it afterpiece to accessible beta but it should actualize a abundant smoother progression to 60 as able-bodied as a acceptable bulk of agreeable at akin 60 Blade And Soul Gold.”TERA is appointed to barrage May 3.


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