In accession to the online maintenance

EA Sports has agitated out aliment on FIFA 13’s online account to abode assorted issues arise by users in the canicule aback launch BNS Gold. The maintenance, which took abode during 4am and 6am this morning, is said to accept anchored problems apropos to affiliation adherence during matchmaking in Seasons mode, trade-pile issues in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, and disconnections while purchasing FIFA Points.FIFA 13’s online functionality is now up and alive afresh afterward the maintenance.

In accession to the online maintenance, EA Sports is currently investigating an affair causing the game’s career access to benumb “when starting a new career with a aggregation with transferred chargeless abettor players” Blade And Soul Gold. Until a abiding fix is found, EA advises players to abolish chargeless agents from their customized band in Career Mode.FIFA 13 launched beyond the UK endure Friday, affairs over one actor units over the advance of its barrage weekend.


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