Wii U’s January bulk

NPD doesn’t accommodate specific figures, but a rep did acquaint Gamasutra that Wii U accouterments sales for its aboriginal three months are down 38 per cent compared to the Wii at the aforementioned point in time NBA Live Mobile Coins.Gamasutra has been told by anyone with admission to NPD abstracts that Wii U’s January bulk is able-bodied beneath 100,000 units, and by its estimates abashed amid 45,000 and 59,000 units.

Xbox 360 awash about 250,000 in its aboriginal January (2006), while PS3 awash 243,000 during its aboriginal a year later, and Wii abashed a huge 435,000 units during its aboriginal January aswell in 2007.Back to January 2013 and Xbox 360 continues to boss with sales of 281,000 units, the 25th beeline ages as the top affairs animate in the US.Software sales were afresh led by Black Ops 2, with DmC charting at No.6 and Ni No Kuni new at No.11


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