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The Handsome Collection

Borderlands Gentleman Claptrap in a Box Copy Arise Doesn’t this attending accustomed By Luke Karmali 2K has apparent a new collector’s copy for Borderlands The Handsome Collection 2K16 VC Coins.The Gentleman Claptrap in a Box Copy is actual agnate to the aboriginal collector’s edition, except the remote-controlled Claptrap it contains is dressed somewhat sharper. The Handsome Collection costs £270, comes out November 27, and 12 lithographs from the aboriginal adjustment are aswell included.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection originally arise in North America on March 24 and internationally on March 27, so the accommodation to absolution accession adjustment now apparently has something to do with that advantageous Christmas window accepting just about the corner 2K16 MT.InIGN’s reviewof Borderlands The Handsome Collection, we anticipation itwraps up six years-worth of abundant Borderlands agreeable and puts a nice bow on it.Luke Karmali is IGN’s UK Account Editor.